Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Often headlessness stimulates many questions which need addressing."
—David Jones, Innovative Therapy, 1994, p. 92

"So try this exercise I am talking about—the exercise in headlessness—and suddenly you will feel a strange thing: it will be as if for the first time you are at the heart. Walk headlessly. Sit down to meditate, close your eyes, and simply feel that there is no head. Feel, 'My head has disappeared.' In the beginning it will be just 'as if,' but by and by you will feel that the head has really disappeared. And when you feel that you head has disappeared, your center will fall down to the heart—immediately. You will be looking at the world through the heart and not through the head."
—Osho, The Book of Secrets, 1998, p. 165

(Tarot Magician by Emmanuel Polanco.)

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Thank you for sharing this! Looks great to my eye! V