Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Craig Conley, creator of the Trump L'Oeil Tarot, recently sent me a wonderful template for Tarot card readings which he created, and he has generously given me permission to share it on my blog. He titles it, "Illuminating Life's Gray Areas with Some Gray Matter," and it utilizes a mental iceberg map that allows the user to learn about the mental factors governing a situation.

As Prof. Conley explained it to me, there are three areas addressed by the reading: the Ego, the Super-Ego, and the Id. The Ego relates "to issues of self-esteem, judgment, tolerance," the Super-Ego illuminates "one's ideals, spiritual goals, guilt," and the Id reveals "primitive drives, selfishness, instant gratification." He then spelled out the meaning of the areas of the map, and how to interpret the cards using this template:

"Note that in the diagram, the EGO and SUPEREGO cross three different states of consciousness: a. the exposed peak of the iceberg represents that which is conscious (directly perceptible thoughts); b. the undulating waves represent that which is preconscious (memories or stored knowledge bobbing toward the surface); c. the submerged body of the iceberg represents that which is unconscious (concealed or bottled up fears, irrational wishes, shameful desires or urges).

A reversed card indicates something suppressed or subliminal, while an upright card indicates something mindful or floating into view. Determining whether an upright card points to something preconscious or conscious will depend upon the querent's viewpoint. If the card's significance is immediately apparent, it refers to a conscious condition. If the card's significance seems cryptic, it is a reflection of a partially or deeply submerged condition."

I decided to use the template to give myself a reading, in order to gain some clarity about some persistent emotional blocks that I have. The results stunned me. There, in three simple cards, was an abundance of information concerning my attitudes, beliefs, and hopes. Not only was the nature of my blocks was spelled out, I received information concerning their origin as well. The template's elegance and simplicity provided me not only with the information I wanted, but gave it to me in a manner in which I could understand and assimilate it. While I did the reading several days a go, I am still mulling over it, getting new insights and 'aha' moments.

I would recommend this template without reservation for anyone seeking a three card reading that is simple in it approach, and rich in the insights and clarity it can offer.

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