Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When I came across this image of a Pan Am jet, from a timetable booklet, I thought it would be perfect for my fortune telling deck homage to the Madame Lenormand cards.

This virtual card is an updated version of the Ship. I love the way the lines help convey the idea of movement, going places, moving up in the world (literally). There's also the suggestion of adventure, setting off for the unknown. This image was from a time when air travel was still regarded as something exciting, even a bit glamorous. Just as the ship would have evoked a constellation of associations, ideas, and emotions in the mind of a person in the 19th century, so does the plane for us post-moderns. My intention in selecting a vintage graphic is to encourage a sense of the wonder about air travel, and the idea of boundlessness that it represents.

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