Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cabinet of Dr. Gurnweith

Through November 8, visitors to the Marlborough Gallery in NYC will be able to enter "Through The Moon Door" and cross over into the world of explorer, artist, and collector Dr. Gurnweith. On view are paintings of unknown worlds, elaborate sculptures, unusual imaginary insects, and other works of art. Dr. Gurnweith was dreamed up, literally, by artist and architect Thierry Despont. The figure appeared to him in a dream, and the entire exhibit, including the mysterious Doctor, are all the creation of Despont, who seeks to find magic and beauty in things which are discarded and overlooked by most. He regards himself as both a creator and a curator of these works.

The entire exhibit resembles a fantastical kind of museum of natural history, one that exists in a parallel universe. Despont believes that we've "lost our sense of wonder and hope and I hope to try and restore that a little bit." Both wonder and beauty are in abundant supply at this extraordinary exhibit.

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