Thursday, September 4, 2008

Th'ə ˈHī-(ə-)rə-ˌfant

This is another installment in my series of Tarot images where I live, with all credit to Craig Conley and his Trump L'Oeil Tarot of Portmeirion for inspiring me. This fellow stands in our town's center, in front of the main branch of the public library. He is Noah Webster, patriot, writer, educator, and author of the Blue Back Speller. He is best known for compiling the first dictionary of American English.

With his flowing robes and sober countenance, he reminds me of a Puritan minister: authoritarian and a little moralistic. Webster was in fact a very devout man, and even went so far as to publish a slightly modified version of the King James Bible, so the religious association certainly fits. This sculpture emanates authority and gravitas. In spite of its very appropriate placement before the library, I always think of church, religion, and this region's Puritan heritage whenever I go past Noah. We have our very own Hierophant to sternly watch over us as we go about our daily round.

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Eccentric Scholar said...

Bravo for continuing this exploration of local Tarot figures! Your first two cards are top-notch, as is the background and interpretation you provide. Oh, I adore how you present the Hierophant's name! I'm blogging about your project again: